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President's Message

Hiroshi Onodera Chairman, CEO and President

Hiroshi Onodera
Chairman, CEO and President
LEOC Co., Ltd.

LEOC Co., Ltd. is a Contract Food Services Company established in 1983. We have over 30 years of experience, and is currently providing food services to over 2,000 facilities throughout Japan, including a wide range of business fields such as Hospitals, Clinics, Elderly Care facilities, Corporates, Schools, and Sports-related facilities.

Since founding, we have been carrying out all activities following our corporate philosophy of "Bringing joy and happiness to customers, growth and welfare to employees, and contribution to society". Every single one of our employees always trys to provide the best food and services to meet customers' needs.

As well as "to provide delicious, safe and well-balanced food" and "to enrich eating habit worldwide", we also hold it as our aim "to deliver smile and happiness to as many people as we can" and "to contribute to society through food".

We endeavor to further raise our company value by always improving our service and developing new menus reflecting customers' latest needs.

We will keep holding this philosophy to contribute to the development of community and society, without forgetting gratitude to all, and work even harder to be a leading company that brings "Joy and Happiness" to every one of our customers.

Hiroshi Onodera
Chairman, CEO and President
LEOC Co., Ltd.

Our Passion

Our Passion

What LEOC puts priority more than anything; it is in "human".

Our passion to serve other people consists our business to bring joy and happiness through food, and dedicated to society. Employees of LEOC, with such philosophy,
always think and act what he or she can do ?

How can I make customers happy?

How can I touch customers' heart?

Every one of our employees always keeps thinking what he or she can do and puts it into practice.

We put value on actual relationship with customers, born only through face-to-face communications, far beyond mere manuals.

We will keep sending our excellent personnel to customers every day.

Our Company Name

Our company name LEOC have the meaning of

'Specialists who bring vitality to people's life and contribute to society'

There are 4 hidden meanings behind our logo.

Our aim is to build up this logo and company name to become No.1 in the industry.

  • 1I nfinite (∞)possibility
  • 2L for LEOC
  • 3Connection between people = Connection to Senses
  • 4Spoon represents LEOC's services

  • 銀座おのでら
  • 80歳定年
  • アミノ酸配合ゼリー
  • キラキラ輝き続ける管理栄養士、栄養士のためのポータルサイトKIRAKIRA Web
  • Espolada
  • 株式会社リトルハピネス
  • ブーランジェリー・ボヌール