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Privacy Policy

LEOC Co., Ltd. and its group companies regard protection of any personal information as the social duty and strive to ensure appropriate treatment of your personal information, subject to the following privacy policy.

1. Statutes, rules, regulations and guidelines regarding the protection of personal information
LEOC group acknowledges the importance of the protection of personal information, and agrees to comply in all respects with all statutes, rules, regulations and guidelines regarding the protection of personal information.
2. Obtain and Use of Personal Information
LEOC group takes measures to obtain, use and provide personal information. We shall only obtain and use personal information with permission, and shall not obtain or use the personal information for any other purposes than designated. In the case we may disclose information to companies and individuals we employ to perform business functions on our behalf, it shall be done under our strict management.
3. Security of Personal Information
LEOC group undertakes to manage the personal information that it possesses safely and securely, and shall take reasonable measures to prevent risks against personal information such as unauthorized access, damage, falsifying or leak.
4. Management of Personal Information
LEOC group establishes the compliance program for the protection of Personal information, and ensures the appropriate management of personal information by its continuous revision and improvement.
5. Employee educations for the protection of personal information
LEOC group will give through education to our employees on the protection of personal information.

Links to our website

It is permitted to provide and maintain a Link to the LOEC Website only at following URL. Any direct links to any other webpage contained within our Website is not authorized.

It is not permitted to use logo or marks copyrighted by LEOC Co., Ltd. (hereafter described as LEOC) without permission to provide links.

It is not permitted to provide a link in a way to mislead viewers about the source of information.

URL of this website may be altered without notification.

Links from following websites are strictly prohibited:

  • ・Website including contents intended to abuse LEOC or other parties (company, group or person) and discredit them.
  • ・Website which violates or may violate the rights of LEOC or Other parties (company, group or person) such as copyright, intellectual property right, property, privacy or image right.
  • ・Commercial website.
  • ・Website with configuration that could make LEOC's contents indistinctive, such as opening inside a frame, and could give a false impression to a third party (Please set the link to completely move to our website or to open in a new window).
  • ・Website which includes violation of laws and ordinances, or any offense to public order and morals, or which could interfere the operation of this website.

All contents on this website are in principle the copyright of LEOC Co., Ltd. unless stated. Further reproduction or distribution without permission from LEOC is not authorized.

We assume no responsibility whatsoever for any lawsuits or complaints resulting from the links to this site.

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